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man plastering the walls

Las Vegas Stucco Contractor looks after both the interior and exterior walls of your home or business. We have a team of plaster contractors that can expertly plaster your walls and ceilings. Plaster is stylish, durable and very effective. It is an alternative to drywall that gives you more strength and a better aesthetic. Plaster is also versatile when it comes to the finished that we can provide. This means that you can have a personal touch for your walls or ceilings. you would like to learn more about our expert plaster services, give us a call or send us an email today.


The main benefit that plaster has over alternative building materials is when it comes to strength and durability. Plaster is a very durable material that lasts for a long time after installation. Plaster was designed to last for centuries after being laid down. In fact, many historic buildings still have there original plaster in place from when they were constructed. This means that after you pay to have us plaster your home or business you will not have to think about replacing it ever again. This makes plaster a cost effective way to improve your property.

Variety of Finish

One reason why people opt to use plaster instead of dry wall is the variety of finishes that plaster offers is much more than dry wall. Dry wall can be painted but that is about as much as you can get out of it. Plaster on the other hand, you can have patterns and textures added so you can get the desired finish. We can put swirls and patterns into your plaster so we can give you a personalized finish that compliments your property. If you want to learn more about the finishes that we can offer, get in touch with us today.


Having good quality aesthetics on your property is essential for many reasons. Improved aesthetics will make your property look more attractive and it will create a better atmosphere. Poor aesthetics can lead to your property being viewed as worn and old. This will lead to you losing property value and causing you to make a bad impression with guests and visitors. Plaster is a very effective way to add a pleasing and welcoming finish to the interior of your property. This will increase your property value and leave you with a great and enjoyable atmosphere.


Another great benefit to using plaster for your interior walls and ceilings is the little maintenance that is required in order to keep it. In fact if you just keep your plaster clean, it will last for decades at least. You may need to paint it from time to time to keep the visual appeal. If you carry out the little maintenance that is needed for plaster it can last hundreds of years. The little maintenance that is needed makes plaster very affordable to keep as you don’t have to pay for repairs or maintenance for a long time.

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